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"Sara Cruz is the biggest young talent in Portugal"

- New Talent , NiT

"The songwriting gets even stronger in each release, on a red carpet for a bright future"

- Manuel Silva, Açoriano Oriental

"An unusual talent runs through her veins"

- António Pedro Costa, Correio dos Açores

Sara Cruz was born and raised in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Azorean at heart, this portuguese singer-songwriter picked up the guitar when she was about 8, but just a couple of years before she had already grabbed the drumsticks and started playing a toy drum like she knew exactly what to do. She was 13 on her first gig, and 16 when she started taking it seriously. She’s not only played some of the most prestigious azorean venues, theaters and summer festivals, but she’s also played shows in several parts of Portugal, the UK and Spain.

In 2018 Sara recorded her EP “Above Our Heads” and in 2019 she was considered “Portugal’s biggest young talent” after winning a nationwide contest. The year 2020 brought the single "Heavy Heart" and also "Rest", a collaboration with two portuguese musicians, LEFT. and Luar. In 2021 Sara released "Sunday Riddles", along with a music video - a song about overthinking and feeling lonely inside our own minds.

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